Works in Bold Print are available on record by the Los Angeles Horn Club.
Four Horns 
Four Horns and Mixed Instruments 
Five Horns 
Six Horns 
Six Horns and Mixed Instruments 
Seven Horns 
Eight Horns 
Eight Horns and Mixed Instruments 
Nine Horns and Mixed Instruments 
Ten Horns 
Ten Horns and Mixed Instruments 
Twelve Horns 
Twelve Horns and Mixed Instruments 
Sixteen Horns and Mixed Instruments 

Four Horns     -top-

Anderson, Ruth - Divertimento
Anon - You Light up my Life
Ariel, Richard - Music for Horns
Artot, A. J. - Twelve Quartets
Bach, J.S. - Four Pieces for Four Horns
Bach, J.S. - Fugue in A Minor
Bach, J.S. - Quartet #91
Brockway, Oliver - Chorale and Variations
Chavez, Carlos - Sonata for Four Horns
Cornman - Ebenezer
Croce - Baroque Suite
Dauprat, Louis - Quartour #3
Del Castillo, Lloyd - Divertimento
De Victoria, T. - Ave Maria Smith
De Victoria, T. - Vere Languores Nostros
Diercks, J.R. - Horn Quartet
Di Lasso, Orlando - Horn Quartet
Di Lasso, Orlando - Madrigal
Doran, Matt - Andante and Allegro
Egizi, A - Quartet for Horns
Escovaado, Robin - Theme and Variations
Faulx - Divertisement
Gabrieli, Andrea arr. Mark Mc Govern - Ricercare
Gethen, Felix - Four Part Invention
Gumbert, Franz - Book Four
Griswold, Gerry - Night Scenes
Haddad, Don - Two Impressions
Handel, G.F. - Fuga from Concerto Grosso #5 in D minor
Handel, G.F. - Fughetto of the Little Bells
Harris, Arthur - Diversion for Horn Quartet
Hayes, Hack - Cornu Triumphallis
Hervig, R. - Introduciton, Fanfare and Chorale
Herrod, Norman - Postlude for Four Horns
Hsueh, yang Shen - Espaces
Ingalls, Albert - Suite for Four Horns
Ingalls, Albert - It All Depends on You
Kauder, Hugo - Little Festival Music
Kauer, Geunther - Four Pieces for Four Horns
Kohn, Karl - Quartet
Korn, Peter - Serenade
Lesur, Daniel - Five Interludes
Linn, Robert - Horn Quartet
Luzzaschi - Canzone a Quatro Parti
Maggio, Anthony - Quartet
Mayer, Rudoph - Andante
Mayer, Rudoph - Vier Kleine Stuck
Mc Kay, Francis - Canzonetta
Mc Kay, Francis - Nocturno
Mc Kay, G. F. - America Panorama
Mc Kay, G. F. - Artic Legend
Mc Kay, G. F. - Folk Tune with Variations
Mendoza, Jaime - Al Fresco
Miller, Mayne - Quartet
Mueller, Florian - Introduction and Scherzo
Palestrina, Giovanni arr. Burdick - O Che Splendor
Poldini, Eduard - Serenade
Purcell, Henry - Quartet #2
Purcell, Henry - Fantasia #9
Raphling, Sam - Quartet
Rossini, Giacchino - Fanfare di Chasse
Scarmolin, A. Louis - Of Heros and Their Deeds
Scarmolin, A. Louis - Album Leaf
Schmidt, William - Variation on a Hexachord
Schmutz, Albert - Divertimento
Shafer, M. - Chaste Fugue
Spary, Josef - Nacht dem Ersten Balle
Strong, T. - Legende Tchaikowsky, P. Arr. Shaw - Scherzo
Tcherepnine, Nicolas - Six Pieces
Tedesco - Choral with Variations
Tice, Donald - Quartet
Victoria, Thomas - Vere Lanquotes Nostros
Victoria, Thomas - Ave Maria
Vincze, Otto - Divertimento
Weiss, Adolph - Rhapsody for Four Horns
Wessel, Mark - Sonata for Four Horns
Winter, James - Suite for a Quartet of Young Horns

Four Horns and Mixed Instruments     -top-

Hyde, George - I'm in the Mood for Love (Soprano, Bass, Guitar, Drums)
Hyde, George - Magic (Soprano, Bass, Guitar, Drums)
Hyde, George - The Way You Look Tonight (Soprano, Bass, Guitar, Drums)
Hyde, George - Wild Horses (Small Orchestra)
Hyde, George - Spain (Small Orchestra)
Ingalls, Albert - Prelude for Four Horns (Organ)
Maxwell, Charles - Tryptych - David and the Lord (Flute, Harp, Timpani)
Richard - Forte de Rosa (Tuben)
Schubert, Franz - Nichtgesang im Walde (Bassoon, Male Voices)
Schumann, Robert - Five Hunting Songs (Male Voices)
Stravinky, Igor - Four Russian Peasant Songs (Female Voices)
Watson, Walter - Music for Organ and Horns (Organ)

Five Horns     -top-

Bunn, Richard - Three Miniatures
Hill, Douglas - Chorale and Fantasy
Hill, Douglas - Quintet for Horns
Kibbe, Micael - Fantasy
Kreuger, Raymond - Two Miniatures
Kuhn, Charles - Chorale and Fantasy
Mayer, Rudolph - arr. Emerson - Festmusik für Acht Horner (Reduction)
Moore, Edgar - Two for Five
Pfeiffer, Carl - La Caccia
Reading, steven - Quintet
Schuller, Gunter - Five Pieces for Five Horns
Zinzer, George - Pentahedron

Six Horns     -top-

Amato, Bruno - Alleluia
Bach, J.S. - Komm Süsser Tod
Duprat, Louis - Six Sextets
Dickow, Robert - Midday Music
Elsea, Peter - Chaconne
Fornsete, John arr. Hoss - Sumer is Cumem in
Frank, Andrew - Fantasy
Gilmore, Bernard - Music for Six Horns
Hillyer, Howard - Requiem for Six
Kerkonian, Gregory - Sextet
McKay, G.F. - Prelude to a Drama
Monks, Wimpton - Prelude, Ground and Fantasia
Palestrina, arr. McGovern - Agnus Dei I
Pederson, Tommy - Gold Dust and Diamonds
Polsen, Rodney - Century Miniatures
Raffman, arr. Gilmore - Triptych
Schumann, Robert - Marsch op. 85 #1
Short, David - Polyphonies
Soomil, Stephen - Shadows
Taylor, Rowen - Three Fanfares
Taylor, Rowen - Two Miniatures
Ward, Kelly - One Horse Farm
Wuensch, Gerhard - Sextet for Horns op. 33

Six Horns and Mixed Instruments     -top-

Haigh, Morris - Fantasia with Organ
Law, Alex - Septet with Tuba
Maxwell, Charles - Music for Horns and Trombones

Seven Horns     -top-

Rogers, Milton - The Sierra Nevada
Smith, J. Shaffer - Three Sequences from Angeles Suite

Eight Horns     -top-

Bach, J.S. - Chorale Prelude
Beethoven, L. Arr. Hoffman - Marcia Funebre
Brahms, J. Arr Reynolds - Festive and Memorial Music
Di Lasso, O. Arr. Hyde - Echo Song
Gabrieli, G. - Sonata Pian'e Forte
Harris, Albert - Medley of Carols
Harris, Albert - Theme and Variations
Huffman, W.S. - Octet for Horns
Hyde, George - Color Contrasts
Hyde, George -Ode
Ingalls, Albert - Exercises for Eight Horns
Klein, Baruch - Suite for Eight Horns
Knight - Sinfonia for Eight Horns
Korn, Peter - Passacaglia and Fugue
Mayer, Rudolph - Festmusik für Acht Horns
McGovern, Mark - Octiphone
McKenzie, Mark - Zeo (Winner of International Horn Competition)
Moser, Harriet - Sereband
Palestrina, G. Arr. Burdick - Stabet Mater
Rachmaninoff, arr. Walshe - Prelude in G minor
Russell, Armand - Nebulae
Scarmolin, A. Louis - Prelude
Schumann, R. Arr. Reynolds - Three songs
Smith, J. Shaffer - Short Opus
Villa-Lobos, Heitor - Bachianas Brasilieras #1
Wessel, Mark - Lento and Andante

Eight Horns and Mixed Instruments     -top-

Nelson, Paul - Three Songs with Soprano
Shaffer, Lloyd - Short Suite

Nine Horns and Mixed Instruments     -top-

Heiden, Bernard - Variations for Solo Tuba
Zador, Eugene - Suite for Brass with two trumpets and tuba

Ten Horns     -top-

Garcia, Russell - Variations on a Five Note Theme
Maxwell, Charles - Suite for Two Solo Horns and Two Quartets

Ten Horns and Mixed Instruments     -top-

Bach, J.S. - Passacaglia in C minor (including four tuben and bass tuba)
Fischer, Clare - Cornucopia (including two tubas)

Twelve Horns     -top-

Anonymous - March of the Jarls
Araguari, E. - Variacoes para Trompa
Bach, J.S. - Tocatta and Fugue in D minor
Del Castillo, Lloyd - Prelude, Nocturne and Rhapsody
Hoffman, Phyllis - Cornicopia
MacKay, Harper - Fanfare and Processional
Mayer, Rudoph - Capriccio
Mayer, Rudoph - Finale
Mayer, Rudoph - Praeludium
Mayer, Rudoph - Song
Raksin, David - Morning Revisited
Reynolds, Verne (arr) - Three Sacred Songs
Riggio, Don - Intrada for French Horns
Toldi, Julius - Rondo di Marcia
Wagner, R - Introduction to Act 3 from Meistersinger
Wagner, R - Siegfried's Funeral Music

Twelve Horns and Mixed Instruments     -top-

Bach, J.S. - Passacaglia in C minor (four Wagner tuben and bass tuba)

Sixteen Horns and Mixed Instruments     -top-

Buyanovsky, Vitaly - Glazinov Opus
Hake, Del - Olympied (tuba and percussion)